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How much is it to hire staff through PartiStaff?

PartiStaff charges $35 per successful staff hire. This fee is only charged after you have decided on the ideal candidate for your party. You will enter your credit card details to make a booking. Initially, we take $1 to verify your card details, with the $34 balance charged when you book your first staff member. Thereafter, the charge is $35 per person booked.

How do I pay the staff?

Payment is organised between you and the staff. It is usually paid in cash at the beginning or end of the shift. Address this ahead of the shift with the staff so that you both agree on the terms and align your expectations.

How do I post a job?

Click the Post a Job heading at the top of the website. This will take you through a step through process to list your job. Once your job is listed, it is immediately sent out to staff in the area, which means you should receive applications soon thereafter.

How does the process of hiring staff work?

SIGN UP and we will guide you through the process of listing your job step by step. This is FREE. You can message the staff back and forth to ensure they have the required skills to perform the job prior to locking them in and paying our fee.

How do I get staff contact details?

You need to communicate with staff via the messaging system as you will not be passed their contact number or email. When you BOOK the staff, by clicking ACCEPT on the application of your choice and paying the $35 booking fee to PartiStaff, this moves your applicant into the BOOKED JOBS tab. You should liaise directly with this person, communicating any needs such as what to wear, shift times and any other details. Remember that payment for the service provided by this person goes directly to them, usually at the end of the shift.

How does the INVITE STAFF function work?

You can invite as many people to apply for your job as you like, but the first to ACCEPT the invitation gets the job. So an easy way to hire staff (if you are looking for people quickly) is to post your job and invite a lot of staff. Then (voila!) before you know someone will accept and you have your staff. Call them immediately if you are in a rush for staff!

How do I choose the right staff for me?

Staff will apply after you post your job, so the best way to choose staff is via the Applications that arrive, as these are the staff that are available to work at that time, day, and rate of pay that you offered. You can also invite other staff that you think are perfect for your job, but bear in mind that they may not be as responsive as those who applied directly to you for a variety of reasons, including availability and rate of pay.

How do I search for staff by location?

Use the left hand filter options, starting with location at the top, moving down the page to filter by job type ie wait staff, bar staff, etc. The staff with the best reviews will appear at the top, to make it easier to select someone with a great track record.

What if the staff cancel after accepting my job?

If a staff member cancels after being booked, you will receive a text message notification alerting you to the cancellation, as well as a refund on the $35 booking fee directly to your credit card. Your job is then re-posted immediately and notifications are once again sent out. You will be alerted via email of applications as they come in. The best way to ensure staff do not cancel is to communicate with them through the app closer to the job date. We also send them text messages two days out reminding them of the job, at which point they will cancel if they cannot do it, allowing enough time to find a replacement. If you are in a pickle, please contact [email protected].

What if I want to cancel a staff?

If you cancel a staff booking, the $35 PartiStaff fee is not refunded. It is obviously an inconvenience for everyone, so as such, your payment is forfeited. However if you are not able to contact the staff member you booked, please contact us ([email protected]) and we will either contact them or cancel on their behalf, generating a refund for you.

What if I am receiving too many application emails?

You can stop receiving application emails by un-publishing your job. This will hide the job from staff view. You can un-publish your job in the Job Dashboard.

How do I get in contact with staff?

Once you Post a Job, people apply for it, plus you can also browse the existing registered profiles and can invite specific individuals to apply. Once you have an active job, you will be able to message the staff using the chat system within the application.

What if I can't get in contact with the staff after booking them?

Contact us ([email protected]) and we will cancel the booking for you, providing you with a full refund. We will also assist you in finding someone new and awesome to work at your party!

What if the staff don't turn up?

This does happen from time to time, as it's hospitality and things happen. To ensure the best result for you - contact your staff the week of your event - they plan from week to week. Call and speak to them about your expectations, about how payment will be made and when. If you still experience a last minute cancellation, please contact [email protected] and I will try to find you someone great at short notice.

Do I pay the staff at the beginning or end of the shift?

Please have a conversation about this ahead of time so that you can agree on timing. We believe it is courteous to pay the staff at the end, however it is entirely up to you how you choose to do this.

Can I extend the hours?

Yes of course you can. We are sure the staff would like to be around for longer so they can earn some more. The end of the shift is a good time to pay them for the work they have done and for the extra hours you have requested.

How do I get started?

Click SIGN UP and follow the prompts to list a job. Once you have posted your job, sit back and give it a day. Come back to all the applications and filter through them to decide on the perfect person for your party. ACCEPT their application, which will move them into BOOKED STAFF section on your dashboard.

How do I hire staff at very short notice?

Post a Job immediately. This sends out notifications to many people in the area. Also importantly, you can search for staff servicing your area by using the search tools on the left, and INVITE a lot of people for the one job. The first to accept your invitation to work is automatically awarded the job. Please let them know the details of the job so they can quickly get moving.


How does payment occur?

You are paid by the client at the end of the event. It is your responsibility to request payment from the client at the conclusion of your shift. Payment is usually in cash.

How can I be sure I will get paid?

PartiStaff guarantees all staff payments. We have already placed over 4,000 jobs and ensured that everybody has been paid for their services. If you have any questions or concerns, please just contact us.

How can I get a job?

Firstly, have 5 quality photos uploaded to your profile, ensuring they are friendly, professional, and above all appropriate for an employment website. There is a variety of job roles to choose from, so if you are specifically applying for a swimsuit model role, any photos with you in a swimsuit can then be uploaded into your work photo tab. Ensure you present your work experience carefully as notifications are sent out based on selection criteria such as ‘wait staff'. So if you are looking for a wait staff role without selecting this as your experience, you will not receive notifications for such jobs.

How do I setup a profile?

Click SIGN UP and the rest will be self-explanatory.

How do I remove / delete my profile?

You can now make your account INACTIVE, but if you wish to remove your profile, login and at the bottom left in profile is CANCEL ACCOUNT. Thank you for being with us, we wish you the best for the future!

What should I wear?

Ask! And if you don't hear back, read the description of the party and you'll be able to work it out. Not many people expect black and white waiters unless they specify this, so relax and don something nice. Who knows? You might well be part of the party! We have white PartiStaff polos or sleeveless T-shirts which we'd love for you to wear, so contact [email protected] to arrange this.

How do I get paid?

Payment is made directly to you in cash, typically at the end of the shift by the client who booked you. PartiStaff guarantees your pay, so rest assured that you will receive the money that you earn. Do note that it is up to you to collect payment from the client at the end of your shift.

Should I ask for payment at the beginning or the end of my shift?

The most courteous way to do this is to confirm the service you have agreed upon, the times and the rate before the shift begins. Then wait until the end of the shift, and politely let the client know that the time has finished and request payment. Some people ask for payment at the start, but it is not really in the spirit of PartiStaff. We recommend payment at the end as that is what's polite in a private arrangement, and in case you are asked to do some overtime, or get tips!

How do I contact the client in the booking process?

This is important, as some clients will attempt to give you their contact details through the messaging function. The proper process is for clients to Post a Job, you then apply for the job, for them to formally ACCEPT you. At this point, they will need to pay PartiStaff a $35 booking fee which also gives them confirmation that you are coming. The messaging system will tell you if they've not seen your messages. To ensure you have followed the correct procedure, check your PartiStaff Job Dashboard to ensure that the status of this job has moved to the BOOKED JOBS tab, which lists the client's contact details 5 hours before the job. Always get in contact the client via the messaging system once you have been booked to discuss the job in detail.

PLEASE NOTE: If you exchange contact details with the client via messaging rather than being booked properly, then PartiStaff cannot help you if you are not paid. And this would also prevent you from receiving a review, which will not be good for future work.

If they try be sneaky by messaging you for Facebook details, your phone number or email, just politely request they book you and pay the $35, after which they can chat as much as they like!

Once booked, if I can no longer make it, how do I cancel?

You MUST cancel on the website, or you will be marked as a NO SHOW, and this will suspend your account until you contact us to explain why! You will then find it hard to get work, and let's be honest, who is going to trust someone who has a no show as a review? When you cancel, the client's job is reactivated and notifications are sent back out so that other people who are available can apply. Obviously, the sooner you cancel the better. Go into your Job Dashboard, and under the Booked Jobs tab, click Cancel. Simple! As a courtesy to the client whose contact details you already have, you may also like to text them to let them know that you need to cancel and the reason why.

If I agree to do a job then do not turn up, will that affect my ranking on the website?

Absolutely. No shows are bad for everybody, especially PartiStaff, so we will immediately suspend your profile. It's bad for the client as they miss out on having a positive, reliable experience after they have chosen to book you over all the other candidates that applied; it's bad for you because you don't work, don't get paid, and receive an awful review that will discourage other clients from booking you in the future, and also bad for PartiStaff for obvious damage to our reputation.

What is the expected general behaviour on a job?

After every job, you receive a review out of 5 for the quality of work you have done. So remember that this is a job. Never spend the shift on your phone. Engage, get proactive (even if you get it wrong!) and chat. Get to know the people you are working with, and encourage them to take a photo of you in your PartiStaff T-shirt so that they will remember where to hire you next time round! (T-shirts are coming soon!)

What happens if the client wants to extend the booking?

Our advice whether you can or can't extend, is to request payment at that point. Extending is fine, it means more money for you, so if you're agreeable, then get paid and party on! We mean work… no smiles, work!

When should you expect to be paid? At the beginning or end of the event?

Because most of the parties listed on PartiStaff are private parties, the risk of non-payment is very low. PartiStaff run a trusted platform where clients are aware of their obligations when hiring staff. Communication is important. Have a conversation with the client ahead of time and ask him or her how they intend to pay you so that expectations are aligned. We believe that it's good manners to work first, then request payment at the end of the shift. If the client requests for you to extend the shift and you are able to, still get payment at that first agreed end time. Requesting payment up front happens in some industries where girls / guys are working for an agency and are sent out. They operate in this fashion because of the types of jobs they are doing. We guarantee your payment although it is still your responsibility to request it at the end of your shift.

I've arrived at a job and don't feel comfortable. Can I leave?

Absolutely. If you are not comfortable, trust your instincts and please contact [email protected] and explain the situation. We certainly do not want you to be in harm's way at any time, but remember we are just a platform to connect you to people needing to hire staff, so we cannot be physically at the job to oversee it. It is up to you to ask enough questions to feel comfortable, message the client prior to the event and find out more so you know exactly what to expect before you arrive. If that's just not the case and you want to leave, please always speak with the person who hired you and let him or her know you are not comfortable and would like to leave.

The job isn't as advertised, what can I do?

Once booked for a job, we encourage all staff to message the client that day or the next to find out more information about the job. It is up to you to find out what's expected. If, in the event you turn up to a job and it is just not what was advertised at all, you have a choice. Firstly, speak to the client and explain what you expected as opposed to what it is, and see if you can agree to a middle ground that you are both happy with. You are already there, so we encourage you to make the most of it and earn some money.

What should I do if a client tries to contact me after a job booked with PartiStaff?

We recommend doing nothing i.e. not replying. At times, clients will try to rebook you not using the system, but this way, you will not obtain a review for your job profile and payment cannot be guaranteed as it is not through the website. Note that your payment can only be guaranteed when each individual job is booked using the PartiStaff booking system. If you need to verify this, log in to your profile and ensure that the job is in your Booked Jobs tab.

When is payment not guaranteed by PartiStaff?

If you accept to do a job but are not booked using the proper process, we cannot guarantee your payment. So you should always encourage the client to BOOK you before discussing where to meet for a job etc.. check your Job Dashboard to ensure the job in question is in your Booked Jobs tab. PartiStaff does not condone you agreeing to do a job with someone who gives their number to you outside of the system (or email). As this is outside the agreed terms of working at PartiStaff, we will not guarantee payment under these circumstances.

How is my ranking determined?

Staff are ranked by positive reviews in the first instance, but the number of times you cancel will impact where your profile is placed on the page. Also, the most active people logging in all the time will find their profiles closer to the top of the front page.