Rating and Reviews

09 Feb 2017
Highly professional and helpful. Excellent bar manager and more.
25 Jun 2016
What a delightful guy! Eliot was a vital ingredient to our party. He arrived dressed super cool and to theme, ran the bar beautifully, quickly absorbed the initial brief and worked autonomously til the end of the night and was super gracious and hospitable with our guests. Thanks heaps!
22 Apr 2016
17 Mar 2016
27 Feb 2016
Eliot was fantastic at our Heaven and Hell party. He made sure that no one had an empty glass all night. Highly recommended , AAA +
18 Feb 2016
16 Jan 2016
31 Oct 2015
Eliot was a star behind the bar. I made him head of staff and he ran with it ironing out problems as they came along. Thanks a heap Eliot.
22 Oct 2015
I can't recommend Eliot highly enough. Excellent work ethic, great customer service and a pleasure to work with.
03 Oct 2015
Awesome behind the bar, reliable, good communication, definitely recommend